4 Ways Selling Your House Fast in Cypress Will Put More Money in Your Pocket

sell your house fast in cypress

Sellers, are you looking to sell your house fast in Cypress TX? Choosing the best way to sell your house is a big decision that could save you thousands of dollars.

Hiring a real estate agent to sell your house in Cypress now brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. First, you don’t know for sure whether or not your home will sell at all. Even if it did sell, you don’t know if the sale might fall through halfway through the transaction. Also, you don’t know when the closing date will be. So you could be facing high holding costs the longer the transaction drags on. Last , you have to pay high commissions, closing costs and go through the hassle of make ready and cleaning.

Here are 4 ways to sell your Cypress house fast to a professional real estate investor will save you money.

sell house fast cypress tx and save money

Save Commissions When You Sell House Fast in Cypress TX

Unlike selling with a real estate agent, selling your Cypress house to a house buyer does not come with thousands of dollars in commissions. For example, if you sell your $200,000 house with an agent, this will cost you $12,000 in real estate commissions alone. Even if you try to sell it by owner, the Buyer will have an agent working with them. This will cost you $6,000 in agent fees.

When you sell your house fast in Cypress to a professional investor, you are selling it direct. Since there are no agents, there are no commissions. The price you see is the price you get. And since you don’t have to pay these high agent fees, you will put more money in your pocket.

Skip The Closing Costs and Sell Fast in Cypress

Regular transactions come with expensive closing costs that you have to pay. From title insurance, to closing and recording fees, closing costs can get very expensive. According to Zillow, “Closing fees and and taxes for the seller are an additional 2% to 4% of the sales price“. These closing costs are deducted from the amount you get for the house at closing reducing your cash.

When you sell your house fast in Cypress to an investor, they will cover all the closing costs. You don’t have to pay for these costs out of pocket when you sell to a professional house buyer so you can net more money.

No Repairs or Cleaning Necessary When You Sell Your Cypress TX house

HGTV has spoiled regular buyers into thinking that a home for sale should look like it belongs in a magazine cover. Forget about listing the home in its current condition. If you list it with an agent they will insist that you do a pre-inspection and fix all issues the inspector uncovers. Also, you need to hire professionals to clean your home. All these repairs and cleaning do make your house more appealing to buyers. But these costs also add up and they come from your pocket.

Instead, if you choose to sell your house in Cypress to a reputable buyer like Signature House Buyers, we will buy it as is. You don’t need to repair or clean anything. We will buy your home in its present condition. Since you don’t have to spend money on repairs or cleaning, you can keep more cash in your pocket.

Sell House Fast In Cypress and Avoid Holding Costs

The longer it takes for your house to sell the more it costs you to hold the property. Holding costs are things like mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance and utilities that you need to pay as long as you own the property. Speed matters a great deal when you sell your house in Cypress.

If your house doesn’t sell, you have to hold on to the property and pay more out of your pocket. That’s one of the downsides of putting your house on the open market. You never know with certainty how long it will take for the house to sell.

Selling your Cypress house direct to an investor is different. When we buy houses in Cypress, our offers are guaranteed to close on time. We can close in as early as 10 days or we can be flexible with the closing date to suit you.

Since you won’t have to hold on to the property longer than necessary, you will save money and net more out of the sale of your home.

sell house fast cypress
We Buy Houses in Cypress

Sell Your Cypress TX House Fast

We renovate and hold our properties long-term, so we can afford to pay more for your house. Our offers are guaranteed to close on the day that works best for you.

Summary: 4 Ways to Save Money

In conclusion, when you sell your house in Cypress TX, you want to carefully consider all options before deciding. Sellers in Cypress can save money on commissions, closing costs, holding costs, repairs and cleaning by selling their home direct to an investor.

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